Books that Help You Connect to Yourself and Others!

Just Like Me award-winning children's book by Karen Desmeules

The Just Like Me Game

The Just Like Me Game is the first of a series of children’s books focusing on developing social-emotional skills. Based on current well-being research, a  Just Like Me  practice uses our imagination and creativity to help develop kindness and empathy for others.

Amina is struggling to make friends at school. When Amina’s grandfather teaches her the  Just Like Me  game, she learns that no matter who we are, we all want to be happy and to feel like we belong.

The end of the book includes QR codes that provide teachers and parents with two different video-led versions of the  Just Like Me  practice: one for younger children (ages 5–7) and one for older children (ages 8 and up).

School Author Visits

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Presentation topics include: All About Empathy (ages 6-9), The Building Blocks of Empathy(ages 10-12), and Exploring How Empathy Reduces Bias and Discrimination (ages 13-14).